Camped out at Mike's house

Camped out at Mike’s house

We finally arrived in Florida, having driven through Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, crossing the state border on Friday, November 7, 2014.  It was just  a short drive Saturday morning to arrive at Mike’s (Cecil’s son’s) house near Orlando.  As the grand kids had soccer games, not everyone was home when we arrived and began setting up the 5th wheel – getting there is only half the battle.  Traveling is fun but it is nice to be settling into one place for a while.  No packing and unpacking of cupboards and counters.

The dogs love it here as they are able to go out without leashes and can run free without a lot of supervision.  And Mike’s dogs seem to enjoy the company.  They have two labs like Pepper plus a cute little Chihuahua named Lola.  Fortunately, our fears were not realized when our dogs seemed to pay no attention at all to their horses.  We wish we could say the same for the piles of horse poop which seem to spur our dogs interest in rolling.

Sunset in Florida

Sunset in Florida

It is easy to forget how far we are from Washington State, but a quick look around quickly reminds us, as the foliage is completely different, the sunsets are spectacular and there are bugs here that neither of us has ever seen  before.

The weather has been good since arriving despite the current cold snap.  It had been in the 80’s with cool evenings but even Florida got caught in the recent mass of arctic air.

All bundled up!  Check out the temperature on the window.

All bundled up! Check out the temperature on the window.

We are not complaining as we follow the national weather and know it is a lot colder at home.  Sorry folks, but that’s one of he reasons we come down here each year…with the grand kids being number one.   Other times of the year it is not so nice but the winters are lovely and it is hard to leave and go back home to the cold and snow.  We are already thinking of ways to stay longer than the planned month.  We will see, as we have a long drive home ahead of us.

We have several short road trips planned over the next few weeks, one is taking the trailer down to Key West.  We will keep you informed when we do something exciting and worth writing about.  In the mean time, we are helping with projects here, running the kids to and from school and watching soccer games on the weekend and enjoying the time with family!  Shot slide show below.


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