Birthdays and Soccer…Oh my!

Lots of birthdays in the month of November.  We start off with Mike’s oldest daughter Alyson who turned 15 on November 20.  As all parents of teenagers know this is the age for a permit to drive.  It doesn’t seem possible that she is that old but we checked the birth certificate and it supported the fact.  Now let me tell you how times have changed over the years for getting your permit .  They have all the tests online rather than the books that were so familiar with at that age.  They take the test than get a certificate to verify the results.  Interesting process to say the least but it seems to work.  Going to get the actual at the DMV is little more complicated as you need birth certificate, documents to verify residence such as utility bill  (interesting fact that this documentation does not include your parents drivers license).  This is the time for patience and ability to bite your tongue.  Surprisingly the process went very smoothly.  The family has another driver who is all ready dreaming of owning her own bright green jeep of her own!  We’ll see if she drives her younger siblings to soccer practice …

Cecil’s birthday was a lot more low key.  Being content to play “Neverwinter”…a computer game…without interruption from early morning to late in the evening.  He did take a  little time off for a meal with the family at his favorite restaurant, Denny’s, for a free grand slam.  Back home to open presents and then back to the computer for the rest of the evening.  As the weather was starting to  change to cold and wet  there wasn’t a lot to do outside.  I should also mention that it was also Susan’s birthday (Cecil’s twin sister) and wish her a wonderful day with her family in Colorado.  Happy Birthday to all!

Brooke at soccer game.

Brooke at soccer game.

Lots of Soccer here with Katie (9) and Brooke (11) both on local teams as well as tournaments.  Lots of commuting for Mike and Staci to distance locations and at times going in two different directions to get everyone to their respective games on time.  It takes a lot of coordination and commitment of the parents to make it work.

Katie kickin' it

Katie kickin’ it

The kids are happy and getting lot of good exercise outside…rain or shine.  Yes it even rains in Florida.  This does not stop the rain unless lightning.  We brought our lawn chairs from Washington which not only provide a comfortable seat but has a top which protects you from the rain or sun.  Perfect for us as we like to maintain our creature comforts while enjoying the game.

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